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Never Lose Your American Airlines Again

American Air Will Enter the Hotel and Condo Business With Enormous Flor >

Following 18 years flying as a airline for the cost conscious, American Travel Co. would like to add property growth to its list of corporate activities. The business is embarking on an audacious plan to build a 22-acre resort compound using a hotel, condominiums, bars, and restaurants around the Florida Gulf Coast in Port Charlotte.

The real estate offshoot, called Sunseeker Resorts, will have a 75-room resort, along with approximately 720 condo components, which range from $650,000 to $1.1 million based on dimension. The land, when finished in late 2019 or 2020, will also include North America’s biggest private-resort swimming pool.

Longer duration, American would like to tout its success with all the Sunseeker property for a bid to start managing other leisure-destination resorts for charges, further diluting its earnings, President John Redmond said Tuesday. It also sees profitable opportunities in developing new food and drink brands and restaurants it can use at other locations, plus meeting and banquet space, a marina with boat slip leases, and the ability of owners to rent their condos as part of their resort operation.

All this new small business development is, of course, far afield from the core operation of conducting an 88-jet airline using nationwide, less-than-daily support from small burgs to leisure destinations in Florida, Las Vegas, and Phoenix–a version that has proved wildly profitable. The airline is concurrently working this summer to boost its operational durability, which endured earlier this season, while also shifting to a all-Airbus fleet by 2020.

"They’re not playing on their home field anymore"

It’s hardly radical for a airline to get or build traveller lodging — Pan American Airways did it right after World War II, when founder Juan Trippe opened the company ‘s first resort in Brazil. The series expanded into the InterContinental manufacturer under Pan Am ownership for 35 years before the airline’s fiscal pinch induced it to sell the resorts in 1981.

In the 1980s, American Airlines’ parent temporarily became the Allegis Corp., a full travel travel conglomerate that aimed to meet the full range of travel requirements by piecing together the airline using its ownership of Hertz rental cars and the Westin and Hilton resort chains. (American had obtained Hilton from another airline, TWA.) The conglomeration effort died ignominiously in 1987 amid a shareholder battle, two years following the Hertz acquisition and nearly 20 years after the firm had bought Westin.

A few carriers–such as All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd and Icelandair Group–still own resorts, perceiving them as a normal business match. But that’s about it.

Investors have shaved 29% away American’s share price this season.

The fear one of American investors is that the project could prove to be equally costly and distracting. American spent $35 million to get 20 parcels out of 15 owners to sew together its growth website. The business says it will fund the project with presale deposits, collecting about 30 percent of a condominium ‘s sale price prior to the particular unit is completed.

As components are finished and sold, American aims to roll that income into financing further construction and maintaining project costs from its own balance sheet.

"Our cash investment will never be something round the cost of a plane," Redmond said. (American officials said they won’t have a business view of total costs until further preparation is completed following month.)

Not everybody is convinced this novel endeavor will succeed. Real estate is not the same business, with different kinds of cycles, yields, and competition than American sees with air assistance, noted Seth Kaplan, a managing associate at trade diary Airline Weekly. He likens the business change to a sports team "playing an away match –they’re not playing their home field . "

In a time of increasing airline contest, Sunseeker could imperil the airline’s stellar profits of late: Over the previous 12 months, American and Ryanair Holdings Plc are the world’s most profitable carriers, using a roughly 22 percent operating margin.

For American, nevertheless, such fantastic numbers really indicate a crude drop from the last two decades, when its nearly 30 percent margins were one of the finest in the industry worldwide. Investors, meanwhile, have shaved 29 percent away American’s share price this season, spooked by the large airlines and their attempts to combat ultra-low-cost carriers such as American and Spirit Airlines Inc..

"The fact that people fly our plane doesn’t mean that they ‘re broke"

It’s also reasonable to wonder if American’s customer base, which paid an average $112 for a flight in the next quarter, is the very best source of buyers for beachfront condos that could cost almost $1 million, and recurring homeowner fees.

"The simple fact that american airlines reservations people fly our plane doesn’t mean that they ‘re broke," Redmond said Tuesday on a conference call. "The folks are flying the plane because they’re visiting a leisure destination. "

Nonetheless, the carrier has an escape plan–namely, becoming a real estate flipper. American has mimicked the "absolute worst disadvantage " for its Florida project, which would be to sell the property, said Redmond, a former executive at MGM Resorts International Inc. and Caesars World Inc. who combined Las Vegas-based American in September 2016.

"The property is worth a hell of a lot more aggregated up as a 22-acre parcel, and flipping it to another developer, than it had been 20 separate parcels not available on the market," Redmond said.


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