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Polaris MNK


1  » Wet dial multijet water meter
» Nominal diameter DN 15, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 mm
» Permanent flow Qn 1,5 2,5 3,5 6 10 15 m³/h
» Metrology classes: C-H, B-H (Qn 1,5÷2,5: A-arbitrarily)
» EC type-examination certificate acc. to MID
» Qn 2,5: 4R40, 4R80, 4R160
» Qn 6: 10R40, 10R80, 10R160
» Maximum admissible temperature: 50°C
» Nominal pressure: PN 16
Communication and remote reading:
» Built-in pulser version, Polaris MNK-I
» Retrofit pulser version, Polaris MNK-N
» Radio (split & compact version)


» Typical accuracy curve

2  » Suited for flooding liable grids. acquistare viagra per donne, cialis online rush delivery. doxepin high
» Outstanding sensitivity and long term performance
» Particularly low starting flow
» Extremely low head loss
» Brass alloy complies with the requirements of the drinking
water regulation DIN 50930/6 and DIN EN 12502.
» Charge identification (year, month and charge ID) acc to the
order specifications of the customer (EN 10204).
» Epoxy coating complies with the hygienic standards


» Typical head loss curve

3  » Mineral glass in standard version. Polymer glass available
on request.
» Materials authorized for potable water
» Compliance with the standards: ISO 4064 and MID
» Polaris MNK achieved the first CE Type evaluation
certificate for water meters acc. to MID (PTB).









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