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Solaris Magnum



» dry dial single-jet meter, with magnetic transmission
between the vertical turbine and the register. The
impeller axis is perpendicular to pipeline axis.
» Counter: 6-rollers display (m³)+ 3 graded scales with
pointers for sub-multiples of m³
» Nominal diameter DN 50 ÷ 100 mm
» Nominal flow Qn 15 ÷ 60 m³/h
» Metrology class C-H, B-V
» Maximum admissible temperature: max. 50°C
» Nominal pressure: max. 1,6 MPa (16 bar)
Communication and remote reading: Reed Contact or
optoelectronic transmitter
» Solaris Magnum-I: Built-in pulser version
» azithromycin canada, daily active use. Solaris Magnum-N: Retrofit pulser version
» Radio: Solaris Magnum-pulser version can be integrated
into AMR systems by a meter interface unit split-version.


» Typical accuracy curve

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» Due to wide measuring range and peak flow
capacity, Solaris Magnum is frequently used for
drinking water as an cost-effective alternative
to the compound water meters with springweighted
valves Woltaris WPV.
» Hermetically sealed register
» Wide measurement range and low starting flow
» 360º orientable register for optimum legibility

» Typical head loss curve



» Robust & reliable hydraulics.
» Materials authorized for potable water.
» Meets and exceeds all relevant metrological
standards, including ISO 4064 (B-V, C-H).

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