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» Applications for water distribution networks, bulk billing
and process control characterized of high, relatively
constant flow rates.
» Dry register and magnetic coupling.
» Nominal diameter DN 50÷250 mm
» Permanent flow Qn 15÷600 m³/h
» Metrology class: B-H/V
» Maximum admissible temperature: Max. 50°C
» Nominal pressure: Max. 1,6 MPa (16 bar)
Communication and remote reading: Reed Contact or
optoelectronic transmitter
» Built-in pulser version, Woltaris WPHI
» Retrofit pulser version, Woltaris WPH-N
» radio: Woltaris WPH pulser version can be integrated
into AMR systems by a meter interface unit split-version


» Typical head loss curve




» Lowest head loss than most mechanical meters with moving parts
» Highly accurate measurements under extreme conditions
» High overload capability, wide measurement range and low starting flow rate
» Body made of high-quality grey cast iron with epoxy coating.
» The measuring insert replaceable without removing the body. Easy on-site maintenance.
» No reading impairment by fogging of the transparent cover.
» 360º possible rotation of the register for comfortable reading.
» Meters can be upgraded (in terms of AMR) on site without breaking the meter seal
» Materials authorized for potable water
» Compliance with the standards: ISO 4064




Woltaris WPH-N / retrofit to be integrated into AMR systems by a meter
interface unit split-version .
Pulse value:
» Reed Contact: standard 1 m³/imp; optional: 0,1; 0,025; 0,25 m³/imp.
» optoelectronic transmitter: 1 l/imp.

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