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Woltaris WPV


1 » Applications (e.g. in hospitals, hotels, schools and public
utilities of big fire hazard) where wide flow variations of the
water consumption are expected.
The product line Woltaris WPV consists of:
» the main pathway: the bulk meter Woltaris WPH (the main
water meter) and the change-over spring valve (no external
power supply for operation).
» the secondary pathway: a residential meter Polaris MNK
or Astral RTK (the bypass water meter)
» Nominal diameter: DN 50; 80;100;150 mm
» Maximum admissible temperature: max. 50°C
» Nominal pressure: max. 1,6 MPa (16 bar)
» Woltaris WPV should be installed in horizontal position.
Communication and remote reading:
» Reed Contact or optoelectronic transmitter. Woltaris WPV
pulser version can be integrated into AMR systems by a
meter interface unit split-version.


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» Specially designed for fluctuating water consumption applications
» Wide measuring range: Qmin on the bypass meter to Qmax on the main meter.
» Outstanding capabilities at high flow rates and highly accurate measurements at low flow rates
» Materials authorised for potable water
» Compliance with the standards: ISO 4064

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